The PresQT project engages stakeholders in a collaborative planning effort to enhance reproducibility and more open sharing of research data through open source development (July 2018-June 2020) of Tools and RESTful Services to Improve Preservation and Re-use of Research Data & Software.

PRESQT will develop open source tools for data and software preservation. Development will focus on the services and features identified as priorities during the IMLS-funded PresQT planning project, including preservation quality, fixity, and keyword assignment. Partnering organizations will advise on development and conduct interoperability testing. The tools and services developed in this project will provide for improved reuse of preserved data and software in library repository systems, and make research data more discoverable, as well as more interoperable with science gateways.

PRESQT provides for reuse of preserved software applications, improve technical infrastructure, and build on existing data preservation services. It aims to fill an essential niche in the technical stewardship portfolio, and its collaborative open source development will improve and support the national digital platform.

PresQT addresses several timely data reuse issues and will have a lasting impact on the field by affording researchers and data curators methods to:

  • Better represent digital workflow methodologies
  • Improve data and software provenance
  • Automatically enhance metadata
  • Perform schema validation
  • Improve file format recognition, interoperability and data integrity
  • Facilitate scientific reproducibility

The project will design Tools and RESTful Services to Improve Preservation and Re-use of Research Data & Software, supporting interoperability with existing platforms and solutions and improves the quality of preserved scientific digital content making it more reusable and reproducible, aligning well with the Institute of Museum and Library Services' (IMLS) goal to promote the use of technology to facilitate discovery of knowledge.

PRESQT Overview Image

We engage stakeholders through outreach to user communities and tool providers (survey, workshops, panels), conducting an evaluation of related systems, openly and transparently reporting all proceedings, collaboratively authoring and editing a report of findings, and preparing technical and administrative plans.

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