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Workshop II Registration: Click here to register

Location: Centre Mont-Royal , RDA 10th Plenary Montreal, Canada

Time: Monday, September 18 2PM-6PM EDT (UTC-4 hours)

Please join us for this free pre-conference event focused on Preservation Quality Tool development collocated at Research Data Alliance 10th Plenary Meeting in Montreal.

PresQT aims to complement existing repository infrastructure and more deeply integrate workflow and software preservation tools with an aim toward data preservation that facilitates scientific reuse and experimental reproducibility.

Workshop participants will explore system architecture alternatives, discuss user experience opportunities, and prioritize functional requirements for the proposed tool.

Workshop Format:

  • Welcome and Short Introductory talk about aims of PresQT
  • Update on PresQT Needs Analysis early survey results
  • Lightning talks* (5-10 min ea, See deadlines below, Submit an Abstract! )
  • Coffee/Tea Break
  • Roundtable Breakouts: Potential groups may include Needs analysis/survey, Tech recommendation report team, Implementation Funding, Features Brainstorming
  • Panel Discussion
  • Thank you and Short Sumnary of Next steps, meetings & outputs for PresQT

Target Audience: We seek input from domain researchers, data curators, repository managers, librarians, software developers, workflow tool developers, data scientists and editors/publishers.

Important Dates:

  • 18 July RDA Discounted Hotel rates begin expiring 7/18**
  • 14 August Early RDA Plenary Registration (340.31 $CAD) deadline***
  • 18 August RDA Discounted Hotel rates all expire by 8/18*
  • 28 August PresQT Workshop II Lightning Talk Abstract Submission deadline 12 midnight EDT/-4 UTC*
  • 31 August Accepted Lightning talks announced
  • 17 September Regular RDA Plenary Registration (382.78 $CAD) deadline***
  • 18 Sep 2017 PresQT Workshop II
  • 19-21 Sep 2017 RDA 10th Plenary Mtg

Express your interest in speaking or co-leading a breakout session by sending a brief email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and submitting a short (250 words/maximum single page) abstract of your lightning talk or session concept by August 28th.

This Preservation Quality Tool (PresQT) workshop is designed to expand on Workshop One, gather additional stakeholder input, and gauge community interest to inform technical and administrative implementation plans for open source Data and Software Preservation Quality Tools that can be jointly developed by interested parties. There is potential for workshop participants to take the project’s resultant technical and administrative project plans forward and work together to jointly in future to develop the planned tool(s) as funded implementation projects, and/or RDA working group activities.

Depending on your nationality, obtaining a Visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) might be necessary in order to travel to Canada and attend the PresQT workshop and the RDA 10th Plenary meeting. More info on visas and Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) at: RDA 10th Plenary - Visa Information

For more information email the PresQT Team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). For more information on RDA P10 please visit

*Express your interest in speaking or co-leading a breakout ession by sending a brief email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. & submit a short (maximum 1 page) abstract of your session concept by August 28th 12 midnight EDT/UTC-4.
**This year is Montréal's 375th anniversary and celebrations will bring many visitors in the city. You are encouraged to book your room as soon as possible. Blocks of guest rooms at discounted RDA rates situated close to Centre Mont-Royal, the RDA 10th Plenary venue are available. The discounted rates expire between July 18-Aug 18 depending on hotel.
***There is no PresQT workshop registration fee. The PresQT WorkshopII event is free to attend. However participants may be very interested in attending the collocated plenary mtg and its programme and social events which do have a registration fee.